About the Firm

Global Communications House has a firm command on Public Relations, Media Communications, Government Relations and Lobbying. 

We connect clients with the assets they need in the corporate sector and government, and our knowledge and experience have helped a myriad of businesses achieve success in their respective industries.

Based in New York and Nairobi, Kenya, we view it our job to help our clients find opportunities and success in Africa’s expanding economy. We treat these clients as partners and put our superior intelligence and priceless network of upper echelon connections in Government to work in their advantage. This is why they trust us. And this is why they rely on our team of experts to:

  • Provide Strategic Counsel: Gather intelligence, conduct research and then properly steer our customers with results-oriented strategies;

  • Redefine Government Relations and Corporate Communications: Transform the definition of effective communication and actionable lobbying into a tangible strategy molded to client needs and goals;

  • Facilitate Business: Serve as partners in the pursuit for investment opportunities in key sectors including Technology, Media and Telecommunications, Infrastructure, Retail and Consumer products, Financial Services, Business Services, Metals and Mining and Energy (coal, oil and natural gas).

Partner with us. We simplify success.