Government Relations and Lobbying in Africa

We are living in an interesting time, one that is best characterized by the African renaissance. Africa’s “rebirth” is redefining the manner in which the world regards the continent, and the era is creating a historic opportunity for the development of Africa’s relations with the rest of the globe. Internally, African countries have been hard at work. Fundamentals that encourage investment have been strengthened with steady democracy, macroeconomic growth, a rising consumer class, an improved business environment and infrastructure development all playing a role in elevating Africa’s attractiveness.  The world is responding. And trade partners such as China, the European Union and the United States are at the forefront of intensifying their trade relations with Africa.

Are you an industry player that is interested in seizing these opportunities?
If so, then you must know this.  Change is constant.  Governments are ever changing and the strategic choices that you make on behalf of a nation or company are critical to your success. Penetrating the African market requires an understanding of government framework, the regulatory environment, the opportunities and most of all, the key interlocutors that make the deal happen.

At Global Communications House, we put to use our superior understanding of the governmental framework to work for you. We help our clients wade through the complexities of the regulatory environment, assist businesses in the investment-making process and offer direct access to a solid team of governmental relations specialists who bring significant internal relationships and communication to the table including pushing governments to remove barriers to investment and growth.

Global Communications House works on several levels within governmental institutions. Not only do we offer up solid influential recommendations and provide our clients priceless intelligence on opportunities, but we also facilitate prosperous relationships between our clients and government.

We do this in several ways:

  • Through Policy Navigation and Improvement;
  • Stakeholder Planning;
  • Investment Selection: Identification and Vetting;
  • Investment Facilitation: Introduction to Key Influencers;
  • Lobbying: Making the Deal Real.

We are persuasive, communicative, and a leader in Governmental Relations and Lobbying. Put your goals in our capable hands and let our achievements be a common success.